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HIXNY is the ‘Health Information Exchange for New York State’. When visiting Urgent Care–Wilton, our patient access team members will review with you and ask you to sign consent regarding HIXNY.

This consent allows for the information generated at your visit to be uploaded to the HIXNY patient portal, allowing both you and your providers across New York State to share information and ensure the best, most accurate care of you.

Having the portal will allow you to access your medical informaiton, and have real-time access to your medications, lab results and upcoming appoitnments. 

Additionally, if you become unable to respond due to a medical crisis, it would allow our providers to treat you with a better level of understanding about your medical history, allergies and desires as a patient.

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Looking to enroll in the patient portal? Having trouble logging in to the portal? Please call our Portal Helpline at 518-886-7999 for someone to assist you.


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